Finding Canada’s Most Wanted

The Bolo Program is a breakthrough initiative leveraging social media and technology to make sure you’re on the lookout for Canada’s most wanted, so you can report sightings and submit tips to help the police arrest these suspects.

The Issue

At any given time, there are tens of thousands of outstanding arrest warrants in Canada. Although the vast majority of these warrants are for minor offences, hundreds of them are for major crimes, such as murder, sexual assault, crime against children, and terrorist activity. The police typically request the public’s assistance for these most wanted cases, and they count on tips from the public to help locate suspects. But in many cases, the public simply isn’t getting the message. When was the last time you saw a most wanted notice?

The Bolo Program

New technology and communication channels are revolutionizing everything from politics to shopping. The Bolo Program’s core goal is to use these technologies and channels to support our police officers in their communication efforts about Canada’s most wanted, and to provide key information to people like you so you can submit tips and the police can arrest these suspects.

Our Objectives

We make our communities safer by making sure you’re on the lookout. By giving you access to all the necessary information on Canada’s most wanted individuals, we believe our communities can do more to:

  • Contribute to the police solving major cases
  • Ensure most wanted individuals face justice
  • Bring closure to crime victims
  • Boost public participation in public safety

Our Name

"Bolo" stands for "Be On The Lookout." Bolo is a commonly-used term in the law enforcement community to designate an individual who’s actively wanted. Just the perfect name for us.

Our Approach

The Bolo Program amplifies police requests for public assistance on most wanted cases. Our platform makes sure a wider audience sees police most wanted notices and makes it easier for people to share this information with their social networks.

We’re not the police. We’re only here to support the police through communication to build safer communities.


When we started this project, we realized that this "most wanted" issue had been exclusively looked at from a law enforcement perspective. Thanks to our objective to boost public participation, we've identified an opportunity to tackle this issue from a user perspective. We worked with District 3 Innovation Centre, an award-winning Montreal-based incubator using the Design Thinking methodology, to thoroughly unpack this issue from a user perspective.

A Unique Tool

The result? We came up with Spark, a proprietary engagement engine, custom-built to help meet the objectives of the Bolo Program. Spark tells us the best channels to use to make sure that you know about Canada’s most wanted, so you contribute to keeping your community safe.

About the Stephan Crétier Foundation

The Bolo Program is an initiative from the Stephan Crétier Foundation, a charity organization established in 2006. The Foundation supports various non-profit organizations and has made numerous donations since its creation. Learn more

Stephan Crétier is the founder, chairman, president and CEO of GardaWorld Security Corporation, a $4 billion full service security provider with over 92,000 dedicated professionals operating in 45 countries around the world. He founded GardaWorld in 1995 with an investment of $25,000 from a second mortgage and grew it to become one of the five largest security providers globally. Today, the company is Canada’s market leader in protective services and pre-board screening services, the largest cash services provider in North America, and one of the leading providers of international risk mitigation services in Africa and the Middle East.